By Mike Stevens

Based on an idea by Aaron and Ashley and presented in the style of a classic episode of Twilight Zone, Mike Stevens presents the violent and nonsensical story about a time that must never come.


By Aaron Brassea

Are the characters in ?!? puppets or aliens? Are those masks or their faces? Does anybody care what they have to say? All these questions and more will forever be ignored.


By Nathan Stryker

The thoughts of Nathan Stryker, abstracted from his mind.

A Comic by Chris Fenoglio

Pictures By Chris Fenoglio
Words by Aaron Brassea

Originally a comic about why people shouldn't hide the fact that they read comics and should share them with their friends, this comic has been re-lettered to tell a completely different story.

A Modern Love Story

By L. Nichols

This is a tragic love story with a happy ending. This is also an attempt on L's part to learn French.

A Phantom Menace

By Nathan Stryker

A dramatic retelling of the situations that led to the discovery of the boy that would become the galaxy's most feared sith lord. Characters, etc created and owned by LucasFilm.

A Simpler Time

Pictures By Chris Fenoglio
Words by Aaron Brassea

Chris and Aaron's submission for the 2004 SPX anthology. The theme was "war."

A Song in the Night

By Robyn Jordan

This is a story of the cycle of healing and decay. Watch the changes to the surroundings as her body is restored and atrophied.
Robyn Jordan does not endorse A Song In The Night. She says, 'This is what happens when a 21-year-old vegetarian spends way too much time gardening alone for months. Let it be a warning.


By Nathan Stryker

Another experiment with vector based art yielded Abigail, a character so strong, she began to write her own life story. These are that story.


By Nathan Stryker

Alexis is the girl that doesn't have anything. With the help of her friends, she might get everything she needs.

Baby Baby Baby Baby, Baby

By Tom McHenry

Love and a bit with a hippo.

Becky In Monkeyland

By Nathan Stryker

Way shorter that Darwin's Origin of Species, this comic answers life's most profound questions.

Bedtime Songs

By Aaron Brassea

Sometimes when Aaron is putting his daughter to bed, he can't remember all the words to the songs he sings to her, so he has to make them up. Sometimes they get... interesting.

Bellen! Secrets

By Box Brown

Box Brown gives behind the scenes information about his hit series Bellen!


By Bren Collins

A sample of Bren's comic work about his job at a certain big bookseller chain, which we will leave unnamed for legal reasons (but it's name is in the title). While this comic is a work of fiction, it is disturbingly close to the truth.

Buff Idiot and Smarty Nerd

By Nathan Stryker

This is a minimalist/nihilist comic about a team of stereotypical characters, Buff Idiot and Smarty Nerd. They deal with life as it happens. Sometimes they take orders from the Mayor. Occasionally they kill Bad Guy. Oh, and I won't forget the important secondary characters: Hot Chick, HC, and the mysterious Aardvark.

Chain Restaurant

By Byron Inouye and David Gravatt

Just another day in the lives of Pirate Dave and Ninja Bot Byron as they work as restaurant mascots for a couple of restaurants in Waikiki. Silliness and bad puns ensue.

Chainsaw Comics

By Nathan Stryker

Part one is photo comic commemorating the historic first meeting of the Chainsaw Comics team. Photos by Kate Joan Damian Reilly. Part 2 is comics about comics, just to bring the bastards down...

Chainsaw Comics Presents: Crazy

By Various

Comics from our third print anthology, available now!

Chainsaw Comics Presents: Fear

By Various

Comics from our first print anthology, available now!

Chainsaw Comics Presents: Joy

By Various

Comics from our second print anthology, available now!

Chainsaw Gal

By Ashley Friend

Chainsaw Gal is a girl armed with a chainsaw, a sense of humor, spunk, an adorable smile, and the list goes on... The bottom line is she's cute, she has her own comic, and you should read it.

Chainsaw Guy

By Aaron Brassea

Chainsaw Guy is a postmodern humor strip using minimalist art. Chainsaw Guy is a shy, well meaning individual who just happens to have a hockey mask in place of his face and a chainsaw in place of his hands.

Comics From the Blue Planet

By Bren Collins

An assortment of tales and observations which vaguely delve into the human condition - the joys, fears, celebrations, failures, flirtations and seductions that comprise a suburban society - in graphic form!

Damn the Incans Were Cool

By Jamie Dee Galey

A little comic about one of a younger Jamie Dee Galey's adventures.

El Pistolero De Muerte

By Dave Sherrill

A one page comic created by Dave Sherrill following up his mini El Pistolero De Muerte. Happy Halloween everyone.

Election Follies

By Various

Box Brown created this open source comic to allow anyone to explore the elections and politics in general.

Eyeball Kid

By Aaron Brassea How does he dream? How does he think? When he can't even speak and he can't even blink. We are all lost in the wilderness. We're as blind as can be. He came down to teach us how to really see. Created with Strip Generator


By L. Nichols

An autobiographical story about L's experience as a queer Christian.

For Truth Justice and the American Way

By David Henzie A comic adaptation of the life adventures and struggles of Sherman Tank and Siu Bahk Wahn, otherwise known as David and Wendzi.

Fowl Life

By Nathan Stryker

Fowl Life is an anthropomorphic, autobiographical series detailing the connection between the spiritual and relational journeys.

Gold Rushers

By Nathan Stryker Tales from Californian history of men and women who longed for riches. Some found them, some didn't, but all of them left their mark.

Incoherent Babblings

by Nathan Stryker

Based on real life, these three panel adventures tell the story of Andrea and Cynthia, two girls who just want to hang out and talk. Will the mysterious Dan ruin innocent fun forever? Will the even more mysterious Rigoberto ruin Dan forever? Find out in this new series!

Johnny Elitist

By Dave Sherrill

The story of Johnny Elitist, the coolest guy on the internet!


By BT Livermore

Robots ARE awesome, but nature puts up a good fight sometimes too.

Lil Monsters

By Aaron Brassea

In the fine tradition of Lenore and Little Gloomy, Lil Monsters combines cutesy art with horror and twisted humor. Picture Peanuts, as written by Vincent Price.

Little Suicides

By Box Brown

The name pretty much says it all.

Magic Cat in 2D

By Corin See

In a world constantly being repressed by 3D, only Magic Cat dares to be in glorious 2D. Also, he might be a puppet?

Major Tom

By Jamie Dee Galey

Jamie's (re)interpretation of the classic Bowie song.

Marc and Anna

By Aaron Brassea

Marc and Anna are a normal couple, living a normal life in a slight less than normal world.

Melon Man

By Blake 4000

Melon Man is a super hero unlike any other! We''re not sure how... but he is.


Insomnia, a crappy job, hallucinations... what else could go wrong?

Miscellaneous Comics by Robyn Jordan

Robyn Jordan is a cartoonist who lives and works in Seattle, Washington. She makes mini-comics and drawings, and teaches art to kids in a public school. From 2002-2012, she lived in NYC, and still misses the bagels. She serves on the Short Run Comix and Arts Festival board. She is a regular contributor to The Stranger, and her comics and illustrations have appeared in various publications and comics anthologies.

Monolith and Mighty Matt

By Box Brown

Monolith and Mighty Matt is the story if a giant cold stone living statue (Monolith) and an overzealous young bird that comes to visit none day (Mighty Matt). When calamity overtakes the pair, we find out a little something about the strength of friendship.

Mother of Invention

by Aaron Brassea

Amelia Rose is one of the smartest people on earth, but when her grant money starts to run out desperate times lead to desperate measures.

Mr. Jones & Betsy

By Bren Colins

A precocious kitty cat. An inimitable old frog. Add a dollup of surrealist humour, and what have you got? it''s Mr. Jones & Betsy!

Nevaeh ot Yawriats

By Bren Collins

When routine bites hard, and ambitions are low, things suck rather severely. But at least there's still comics!


By Box Brown

Sometimes you only dress up for one person on Halloween. Sometimes it's a joke that only you and one other person are in on. That's when Halloween is the most fun.

Nothing Ever Happens

By Aaron Brassea

A three part autobiographical mini series.

One Day Late

By Alex Churn

A special Halloween comic about the curse of being born on November first.

Pedal Pusher

By Robyn Jordan

A wandering road trip story, where a former-ex-driver explores what America has to offer between coasts.


By Jamie Dee Galey

The new adventures of Jamie Dee Galey's Pillowtalk


By Borgin Ninetails the 5th

I travel in time and lose track of spots.
I did a comic for Chainsaw
this is what you gots
it is late in spots
it wasn't that i forgots
i was with the Argonauts


By Bren Collins

A comic Bren started a few years back about a man named Pudgett and his pet anteater. Now in full color


By Jamie Dee Galey

A continuation of Jamie's mini comic about love. This time r-e is on a mission to find a cute animal.


By Mike Stevens

How far would you go for some peace and quiet? Find out how far robots will go...

relentless joy

by nathan stryker

a chronological journey through the greatest day ever. an unfettered look into all that the joyful spirit has to offer life, and what life gives in return.

Rock 'N' Roll Dreams

By Aaron Brassea All his life, Dylan has dreamt about being a rock star. Will his dreams ever become a reality, or will they fade like an old t-shirt? This series has been rebooted at "The Ballad of YFB" and can be read at

Ronald Raygun

By Aaron Brassea

He came from the past, to destroy the future.

Smoker's Window

By Alvaro Lopez-Moreno

Comics that Alvaro posts in the window of a local coffee shop in West Chester, PA to entertain the outdoor smokers.

Stop Touching That

By Robyn Jordan

Kids say things beyond your most enchanting and disturbing dreams. This series tells of the trials and tribulations of an art teacher.

Strip Fight

By Aaron Brassea

Between 2004 and 2009 Aaron participated in Strip Fight, a weekly comics competition. He competed in every round except for the first. Here are all the comics he made for Strip Fight, including many comics with guest artists or writers, preserved for posterity.

The Best of My Life in Scribbles

By Aaron Brassea

If you haven't been reading Aaron's journal comic My Life in Scribbles, now's your chance. Here's a selection of the comics, one from each month of the year.

The Dot

By Nathan Stryker

The Dot is simple, yet profound. Kinda like life, except in dot form.

The Foundry

by Jason Gourley

A collection of short stories.

The Greatest Automobile in the World

By Dalton Sharp

A surreal story of a journey home. This comic was originally drawn for Strip Fight, but appears here expanded and with full page panels.

The Humility of Pain

By Bren Collins

A critical year in the life of a man who finds himself trapped in a cycle of loneliness and despair, only to find a way out... or so he thinks.

The New Cute

Writer: Jess, Artist: Ive, Colours: Grug

The first ever collaboration between all three members of Monster and Robot Industries!

The Postmodernity Ward

By Stefan Wolf

In some small way, this is dedicated to the neighbor kids who used to always ask me what world I was in (and to them I say: there never was a muffin world. I made that up so you would laugh and go away, and because that's what I'd had for breakfast.)

The Queen, the Prince, and the Punk

By Nathan Stryker

A spin-off of Nathan's famous Buff Idiot and Smarty Nerd comic, this story investigates Buff Idiot's unlikely home life...

The Shelter

By Aaron Brassea

A safe haven for comics that don't fit in anywhere else.


By Jamie Dee Galey

A grab bag of comics by the one and only These comics can range from short and silly to long and action packed. You never know what you're gonna get!

TKC Comics

Script by Nathan Stryker
"Art" by Aaron Brassea

tow knee chavez have been doing music for years and working on comics independently. Finally the two have teamed up in the realm of comics to create something for everyone to hate.

TKC Comics 2.0

By Aaron Brassea and Nathan Stryker

tow knee chavez expand their comics to multipage formats. this brand of horror is not based upon things that that go bump in the night, but rather, is seeded in the manifestation of their own fears. as a result the horrors described may not be horrible to some, but could be quite terrifying to others.

TKC Comics 3.0

By Aaron Brassea and Nathan Stryker

tow knee chavez continue the evolution of their collaborative comics.

To All: A Paranormal Extraction Team Adventure

By Jeff Manley

On Christmas Eve Neven, leader of the Paranormal Extraction Team, is called in by a close friend to find out once and for all if there really is a Santa Claus.

West Woman

By Norah West

When there's trouble in the city that's too ridiculous for the mainstream superheros, West Woman comes to the rescue! To my knowledge, this is the first ever autobiographical comic by a real superhero.

Willybut the Hunted

By Jamie Dee Galey

A crazy short story from the crazy Jamie Dee Galey.

Working Class Dracula

by Alex Churn

The college years.

Wretched Zoo

By Jason Gourley

Wretched Zoo is a dramatic comic that follows the life of a timid man, whom is rapidly losing site of reality, slipping into an altered state of consciousness.