3/26/09 – And now a word from Box Brown:
Your friend and mine, Box Brown, has published a 96 page book of comics called Love is a Peculiar Type of Thing.  Right now, the book is in the comic distributor (the ONLY comics distributor) Diamond’s catalog and will be shipping to stores in June. The only problem? Diamond has minimum purchase orders and wont ship small orders!  This is my first book that I self published with the help of the Xeric Grant, (xericfoundation.org), the only grant in the country created to help comic creators publish comics and started by one half of the creation team behind Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
How can you help get this book into stores?
1) Visit or call your local comic shop and tell them to order Love is a Peculiar Type of Thing by Box Brown.
2) Have a blog or website? Help promote the book!  All the information you need is here: http://boxbrown.com/book/
3) Talk about the book!
Thanks so much for your help! We will make me succeed! Together.

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