7/7/11 – We have extended the deadline for submissions to the Chainsaw Comics anthology until the end of July. Please consider submitting something if you haven’t already, and help spread the word.

    5/26/11 Big sale in the Chainsaw Comics store: all books reduced to $10 each, free shipping on all prints with a book purchase.  Sale ends Monday (5/30) morning.

    5/4/11 – My Life in Scribbles Volume 2 and the new expanded edition The Ballad of YFB are now available in the Chainsaw Comics store.

    2/4/11 – Chainsaw Comics is now accepting submissions for our first print anthology. The theme is fear, and the deadline is 6/30.  Get full info at

    1/26/11 – This week marks the beginning of a new series by L. Nichols, Flocks, an autobiographical comic about her experience as a queer Christian.

    12/22/10 – This month’s guest comic is a Christmas special from Jeff Manley, featuring one of the characters from his new graphic novel series Paranormal Extraction Team. You can buy the first book from the series on Amazon.

    11/27/10 – After two years, Robyn has posted her last comic for Chainsaw Comics. Tune in next month for a new series by L. Nichols.

    11/19/10 – Follow Chainsaw Comics on Twitter! @chainsaw_comics

    11/10/10 – Bren has started a new series, Pudgett. It’s actually an old series that he’s picking back up, but this time it’s in full color!

    10/5/10 – We took a little time off for the birth of Aaron’s daughter, but we’re back with a new episode of Stop Touching That! Hopefully we’ll have a new comic from Aaron later this week as well, and then back to the normal schedule.

    9/2/10 – Another Chainsaw Guy month has come to an end, I hope you all enjoyed it. In other news, Aaron’s new graphic novel is now available in The Chainsaw Comics Store. Also, longtime friend of Chainsaw Comics Box Brown has ended his much beloved series Bellen!, and started a new web series tied in to his print comic series Everything Dies.

    8/11/10 – Bren keeps Chainsaw Guy month going with a new guest comic, and Aaron did a song about Chainsaw Guy.

    8/4/10 – Here we are, the fifth annual Chainsaw Guy month. This month is extra special, because this week marks both the ten year anniversary of the first Chainsaw Guy comic AND the 100th episode of Chainsaw Guy.

    7/28/10 – A month after making Pedal Pushers into it’s own series, Robyn finishes the story with the last nine pages.

    6/30/10 – Guest comic by Stefan Wolf!

    6/26/10 – Robyn’s back… with a new series?  And it’s already on number 9?  We’ve retroactively moved the road trip storyline out of Stop Touching That and made it into it’s own series, Pedal Pusher.

    5/26/2010 – We gave Robyn the month off to prepare for her wedding.  In her place, Aaron premiers his new hodgepodge series The Shelter.

    4/16/10 – Chainsaw Comics have put out our first book, which collects all of the My Life in Scribbles comics from 2009, along with a ton of extras. The book is available on Amazon, and you can buy a signed copy from the Chainsaw Comics store. The first 20 copies are signed and numbered.

    3/31/10 – It’s the fifth Wednesday of the month, and that means guest comic! This month we present a guest comic by David Ano, editor of the upcoming “BAM Too!” anthology, giving us his take on Chainsaw Guy.

    3/5/10 – Almost a year after the last round of Strip Fight, Rounds 190-199 have been added to the archive (along with 113 and 144, which somehow got missed before).

    2/10/10 – Aaron and Nathan each participated in Hourly Comics Day this year.  You can read Aaron’s here and Nathan’s here. Want more? Here are this year’s hourly comics from past Chainsaw Comics contributors Box Brown, Tom McHenry, L. NicholsMike Stevens, and Ive Sorocuk.

    12/30/09 – Hey everybody, Bren’s back! Guest comic this week, leading into a regular week two spot starting in the new year.

    12/02/09 – Box Brown is preparing to publish some new comics. You can help him raise the money he needs by buying some of his previous comics and preordering the new ones here.

    10/28/09 – The new issue of Not My Small Diary is now available, featuring comics by current Chainsaw Comics contributors Aaron Brassea and Robyn Jordan, as well as Chainsaw Comics alumni Box Brown and Bren Collins.  Order it now at

    9/11/09 – Alvaro triumphantly returns from his break with part one of the epic “Do You Want A Burrito” storyline.

    8/11/09 – Chainsaw Guy Month continues, as L. Nichols gives us a great Chainsaw Guy guest comic! Alvaro will be back next month with a three page comic.

    8/5/09 – It’s August, so that means it’s time for our fourth annual Chainsaw Guy Month! If you’re new to Chainsaw Comics and have never experienced the magic of Chainsaw Guy month, go to the Chainsaw Guy archive and check out all the past guest comics. We’re starting off with an extra large Chainsaw Guy story by Aaron Brassea, and a great new Chainsaw Guy image of the month by Robyn Jordan.

    7/29/09 – Guest comic by Blake 4000! Blake returns with a new Melon Man comic, showing us how far he has come in the years since the last Melon Man comic he did for us.
    Also, our old buddy Box Brown has lost his day job, so if you’ve been putting off ordering something from his web store, now would be a good time. He has a new book since the last time we plugged his work, , which is a 186 page collection of the best of Bellen!

    6/24/09 – Our old friend Box Brown has some awesome new stuff available in his store. Check out Love is a Peculiar Type of Thing and Unsyndicated Press!

    5/23/09 – We’re back! Last weekend some hackers got Chainsaw Comics and many of our related sites and published a ton of malicious code that ended up getting us put on blocked site lists for much of the week. We’ve fully recovered from that, but not without Nathan exacting some revenge on the perpetrators.

    4/29/09 – Guest comic by Tom McHenry! Tom put out a great graphic novel last year, Fail Faster Forever. He wrote and drew the whole thing, 500 pages, in four months!

    4/8/09 – Introducing the newest member of the Chainsaw Comics family: Alvaro Lopez-Moreno! If you’re not familiar with his work, check out his bio for plenty of links to his other work.

    3/26/09 – And now a word from Box Brown:
    Your friend and mine, Box Brown, has published a 96 page book of comics called Love is a Peculiar Type of Thing.  Right now, the book is in the comic distributor (the ONLY comics distributor) Diamond’s catalog and will be shipping to stores in June. The only problem? Diamond has minimum purchase orders and wont ship small orders!  This is my first book that I self published with the help of the Xeric Grant, (, the only grant in the country created to help comic creators publish comics and started by one half of the creation team behind Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
    How can you help get this book into stores?
    1) Visit or call your local comic shop and tell them to order Love is a Peculiar Type of Thing by Box Brown.
    2) Have a blog or website? Help promote the book!  All the information you need is here:
    3) Talk about the book!
    Thanks so much for your help! We will make me succeed! Together.

    3/25/09 – Aaron started a new series over at called “The Ballad of YFB”. The series is a continuation of a comic he started for Chainsaw two years ago called “Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams”. The two that he did back then have been redrawn, and new pages are posted three times a week.

    2/18/09 – Today marks the end of Box Brown’s run on Chainsaw Comics. He is going out into the world to find his fortune, and we wish him the best. While nobody could ever replace Box in our hearts, we are excited about who will be taking his place. To find out who that will be, tune in next month. Same Chainsaw time, same Chainsaw channel.

    1/28/09 – Aaron has started another comic series, TKC Comics, which updates three times a week. The series is starting off with the comic he did for the tow knee chavez album prospiscence. When that wraps up, it will be original material tied in with tow knee chavez’s upcoming album.

    1/15/09 – Congratulations to Box Brown on winning a Xeric Grant!

    1/7/09 – Aaron has started doing a journal comic called My Life in Scribbles. Nine out of ten dentists recommend reading it daily.

    11/7/08 – The Strip Fight Archive has been updated from August to the current round.

    11/5/08 – The election is finally over, and it ended well.  Free comics for everyone!

    10/29/08 – As a special Halloween present, Chainsaw Comics presents a special guest comic by Dave Sherrill.

    10/1/08 – Has Chainsaw Comics gone all Election Follies until the election? Only the future can say, but it sure looks like it! If you haven’t registered to vote yet, you should go do that now. The comics will still be here when you get back.

    8/20/08 – With Bren unable to do a guest comic, Chris Fenoglio swoops in at the last minute to send Chainsaw Guy Month 2008 out with a bang!

    8/6/08 – It’s August, so that means it’s time for Chainsaw Guy Month III: Revenge of Chainsaw Guy Month. In addition to everyone doing Chainsaw Guy comics this month, we have a couple extra surprises. This week Aaron did not one, but two episodes of Chainsaw Guy! And one of them is two pages! Also, we’re debuting a new Fan Art section of the site, which is currently full of big name artists like Mike Mignola, Kyle Baker, and Jeffery Brown doing their takes on Chainsaw Guy. Last, we have a special Image of the Month by Jessica Monster.

    8/4/08 – Box Brown has a comic called Love Is a Peculiar Type of Thing up on Top Shelf 2.0! While you’re there, check out other great comics by previous Chainsaw guest artists Jessica (Monster) McCleod and Edward J. Grug III.

    7/31/08 – BT Livermore fills in guest comic duty this month. Check out more of his comics at!

    6/5/08 – Ashley returns to Chainsaw Comics to co-write a Chainsaw Guy comic about the most important issues of our time.

    5/28/08 – Aaron has finally added his last year of Strip Fight comics to the archive.

    5/23/08 – Today is the 400th episode of Bellen!. It is also the two year anniversary of the comic. On top of that, the fourth collection is now available. If you haven’t read Bellen!, it’s about time you did. Over the past two years it has become one of my favorite web comics, and I’m proud to have Box Brown as a member of Chainsaw Comics.

    5/14/08 – Box Brown is busy with anthology submissions and secret projects and what not, so Bren fills the void this week with a new episode of Mr. Jones & Betsy!

    2/28/08 – Bren Collins takes a month off, and Ivan Henley fills in with not one, but two guest strips for Comics From the Blue Planet.

    2/24/08 – Nathan participates in The Rip Off Jess Fink Meme!

    12/6/07 – An anti-spam service we use went on the fritz about a day ago. Sorry to everyone who got their comment blocked. The problem is now fixed!

    11/28/07 – New stand alone comic from Bren Collins, detailing the horrors of working for the Nazi regime known as corporate America.

    11/14/07 – New series by Box Brown, revealing behind the scenes info from his hit series Bellen!

    11/8/07 – Everybody should go pre-order the Kid’s Book Project. The book contains pages by great artists like Dean Tripp, Mitch Clem, and Jeff Manley, past Chainsaw Comics guest artists Dave Sherrill and Edward J Grug III, and Chainsaw Comics member Brian Brown! Best of all, all of the profits go to a great charity, the Make-A-Wish Foundation!

    10/31/07 – New Halloween guest comic by David Gravatt and Byron Inouye!

    9/18/07 – The beginning of a brand new series by Box Brown, Little Suicides.  They’re so cute when they’re little…

    8/29/07 – Chainsaw Guy Month 2007 comes to an end with a special guest comic by Travis Nichols!  Everybody party!

    8/1/07 – Announcing the second annual Chainsaw Guy Month!  Once again, all our regular contributors will be doing their own take on Chainsaw Guy, as well as a special surprise guest comic at the end of the month.  In addition, we have a special Chainsaw Guy image of the month by guest artist Darrel Weldon.

    3/21/07 – Nathan presents a comic about the release of the tow knee chavez’s long-time-coming new album: prospiscience.

    1/31/07 – This week brings us the first guest comic for the new Chainsaw Comics, and it’s a big one! We’re proud to present the first collaboration between Australian cartoonists Jessica Monster, Ive Sorocuk, and Edward J Grug III, collectively known as Monster and Robot Industires. Enjoy!

    1/24/07 – Bren Collins starts off his Chainsaw Comics career with the first episode of his grab bag style series, Comics From the Blue Planet.  This comic is based on the Jandek song “Chilocothe.”

    1/10/07 – Continuing the rebirth of Chainsaw Comics, Box Brown launches his new series Monolith and Mighty Matt.

    1/04/07 – You have witnessed the glorious rebirth of Chainsaw Comics!
    2006 was a slow year for us, with artists failing to meet schedules and eventually dropping out, but Chainsaw Comics is back in full swing for 2007. In addition to the long rumored redesign, we’ve added two new members to our line up: former guest artists Box Brown and Bren Collins. Check out the new image of the month featuring the four current members of Chainsaw comics, along with a slew of our Chainsaw Comics characters. Also, to continue with the new, Aaron is starting a new ongoing series called Rock N Roll Dreams.

    12/19/06 – The epic final episode of West Woman!

    12/5/06 – New Christmas episode of Chainsaw Guy! New West Woman! New Ramones image of the month! New shirt in the store!

    11/7/06 – New episode of Eyeball Kid, ending the current storyline. Also, new image of the month celebrating the infamous relationship between Sid Vicious and Nancy Reagan.

    10/31/06 – This month’s guest comic is a special Halloween comic by the one and only Box Brown!

    10/3/06 – New episode of Eyeball Kid. I dare you to understand it! Also, a new Eyeball Kid image of the month!

    9/26/06 – Right when Nathan thought abigail might not have anything left to say, a slice of life cuts her right open again.

    9/5/06 – Aaron starts yet another new series, with Eyeball Kid #1. New image of the month: the cover to the new tow knee chavez album prospiscience.

    8/22/06 – Nathan returns with a fresh, revealing episode of his introspective A series.

    8/8/06 – New episode of West Woman, in which the plot thickens.

    8/1/06 – Between Aaron finishing up his first nemesis album cinephile, Jamie being in outer space, Dave being super busy (again/ still), and Nathan finishing up the new tow knee chavez album prospiscience, the only comic for July was by our newest member Norah! Aaron’s back this month with a new Chainsaw Guy and a new image of the month: his painted album cover for cinephile. Also, check the store for Aaron’s new book The Rock ‘n’ Roll Coloring Book and Norah’s first two minis.

    7/14/06 – Aaron’s taking the month off from comics to finish his album, but here’s a new Abigail from Nathan and a new West Woman from Norah. Also, an image of the month by Norah! This is the cover to her minicomic “West Side Vol 2: I Ain’t Mad At Cha,” available soon.

    6/20/06 – Since Jamie and Dave took another month off, we’re starting a new fill in series by Norah West!

    6/6/06 – New Chainsaw Guy! New image of the week, Aaron’s take of Dean Trippe’s character Butterfly! Celebrate 6/6/06 with Mike Stevens’ classic comic, 666!

    5/23/06 – Abigail is back, in full effect y’all!

    5/5/06 – After a three year hiatus, Nathan and Aaron present a new episode of TKC Comics! If you like it, go vote for it on Strip Fight. If not, don’t bother.

    4/11/06 – The premier of Jamie’s new series, the glorious return of Pillowtalk!

    4/6/06 – Late update this week, because today is exactly 4 years of Chainsaw Comics! The biggest announcement for the anniversary is the launch of the Chainsaw Comics Store. In the coming year, we’ll continue to bring you new series, new guest comics, and a total redesign of the site. No, for real this time! We’re closer than ever! This week: new Ronald Raygun and a Chainsaw Guy image of the month by David Henzie.

    3/28/06 – After taking last month off due to laziness, Nathan is back with a vengeance with an all new series, Abigail.

    3/21/06 – New Episode of For Truth, Justice and the American Way in which we take a short break from the story to explain what isn’t being explained.

    3/7/06 – Introducing our new space action hero (well… space anyway) Ronald Raygun! If you like what you see, buy the shirt!

    2/23/06 – Premiering an excellent new mini series by Jamie: Major Tom.

    2/7/06 – New episode of ?!? and a Tom Waits image of the month. Party hard.

    1/31/06 – It’s guest week time again! This month’s guest comic is by Dave Sherrill of Cultural Void. If you’ve never read his stuff, go check it out now. Well, after you read his comic here that is…

    1/24/06 – New Episode of A, which many are calling one of Nathan’s best comics ever.

    1/17/06 – New Episode of For Truth, Justice and the American Way, continuing last month’s storyline.

    1/10/06 – Having finished off Willybut, Jamie returns with an awesome new series! On top of that, a comic is being posted on time!

    1/6/06 – Due to the holidays, another late update with multiple comics at once. We’ll get back on track soon… I hope… Anywho, this week brings us a new episode of Nathan’s smash hit A, and a new series from Aaron called ?!?. The Image of the Month for Januray is a painting by Aaron based on a Stavesacre song. Last, I’m working on a long overdue update of the links page.

    12/20/05 – New episode of For Truth, Justice and the American Way! Lucky number 13! And as a special treat to our readers: new Aim icons! Merry Christmas/ Happy Chanukah/ Happy Kwanza/ Happy New Year/ Have a Nice December!

    12/14/05 – It’s a super update! At two weeks late is a guest comic by Mike Stevens, at one week late is the Lil Monsters Christmas Special, and at one day late is the stunning conclusion to Willybut the Hunted. Also, in keeping with Chainsaw Comics tradition, we have another Ramones themed Image of the Month. This year brings us a new version of their classic logo, including the names of all eight members!

    10/19/05 – New episode of For Truth, Justice, and the American Way, where it’s Chainsaw Guy Month, every month! Also, the long awaited first appearance of Siu Bahk Wahn!

    11/15/05 – New episode of For Truth, Justice and the American Way. But Chainsaw Guy isn’t in it this month. No sir he is not. I swear!

    11/08/05 – Willybut the Hunted Part 2… the plot thickens!

    11/01/05 – Aaron decided he wasn’t ready for Halloween to be over yet, so he’s brought back Lil Monsters after a 28 month hiatus! The art is slightly better, but everything else is just as bad as ever. Also, one last image of the month from Aaron’s shirt deal. It turns out most of these won’t actually be made into shirts for legal reasons, so you’ll just have to enjoy them here.

    10/25/05 – Tired of waiting for Jamie to do a new r-e comic, Nathan continues the story himself!

    10/11/05 – New miniseries by Jamie, Willybut the Hunted!

    10/4/05 – This week kicks off the new Chainsaw Guy series, picking up where Episode 50 left off. Also, another image of the month that will be a t-shirt soon.

    9/27/05 – Recently rejected for placement in a collection of stick figure comics, Nathan has re-purposed this comic for us as the latest installment of A.

    9/20/05 – New episode of For Truth, Justice, and the American Way, in which Chainsaw Guy month gets revisited.

    9/13/05 – New these.are.comics by Jamie! Love it or leave it!

    9/6/05 – Here it is true believer! Chainsaw Guy Episode 50! In the mighty Marvel tradition, this is the comic that changes everything! Also, the image of the month is from a series of shirt designs Aaron did for Killer Tee. Look for them in the near future.

    8/30/05 – Dave has returned home to Hong Kong and finishes off Chainsaw Guy month. What a month it’s been… stay tuned next week for Chainsaw Guy!

    8/23/05 – Nathan celebrates Aaron and Ashley’s wedding in his vision of Chainsaw Guy’s wedding night.

    8/16/05 – Dave was unable to get his comic in by deadline because he was out of the country (ironically, as a Hong Kong native, “out of the country” actually means he’s in the U.S.) so Chris Fenoglio did his guest comic a few weeks early. Enjoy!

    8/9/05 – Chainsaw Guy Month continues with Jamie Dee Galey’s perfect take on the character. Read it and weep… no, laugh! Read it and laugh! Whew.

    8/2/05 – Today marks the 5 year anniversary of the first Chainsaw Guy comic posted online. Our guy has come a long way, from his humble origins as sharpie sketches on napkins to being a feature painting in Aaron’s senior art show and having his image hung in SFMOMA (technically true). To celebrate this special occasion, August is Chainsaw Guy Month. All of the regular contributors will be doing guest strips of Chainsaw Guy in their own style and format (including a guest artist for week 5), and we have a Chainsaw Guy Image of the Month by Mike Stevens. Rounding off this Marvel-esque event will be the 50th episode of Chainsaw Guy the first week of September. Aaron starts off Chainsaw Guy Month with the longest Chainsaw Guy comic to date. Enjoy!

    7/27/05 – Nathan takes a different approach on this episode of his popular A series.

    7/19/05 – David has been swamped with other work, so Aaron filled in a guest comic of For Truth, Justice and the American Way this month, featuring that diabolical fly. Warning: David’s fly was cute, but Aaron’s is kind of gross.

    7/12/05 – New 6 page episode of these.are.comics. Celebrate you fools!

    7/5/05 – New episode of Chainsaw Guy. Also, former guest artist Brendan Collins has officially launched his new site Talulah Crossing! In celebration, we have a picture of his characters Mr. Jones and Betsy for the image of the month.

    6/28/05 – New Episode of A by Nathan. SFA and SPX deadlines are this Thursday, so get your stuff in!

    6/21/05 – New episode of For Truth, Justice and the American Way! Will something happen this time? You’ll just have to read and find out!

    6/14/05 – New these.are.comics by Jamie Dee Galey. Full color and full humor!

    6/7/05 – Aaron returns to Chainsaw Guy! A photo for the image of the month! Not My Small Diary #12 is now available, with comics by Jamie Dee Galey, Dan Hernandez, Edward J Grug III, Raina Telgemeier, Dave Roman, and many, many others!

    5/31/05 – Guest comic by Borgin Ninetails the 5th!

    5/17/05 – New episode of For Truth, Justice and the American Way. And stuff.

    5/10/05 – Jamie takes a break from re to do a short comic plugging an anthology he’s working on. Check it out, sucka.

    5/3/05 – After fighting with my internet for longer than I’d care to think about, the site is updated! The long awaited finale of Nothing Ever Happens! Plus, new image of the month by David Henzie!

    4/27/05 – Nathan takes a break from Gold Rushers to give us a one shot of Fowl Life about the birth of his son, Quinn.

    4/19/05 – New Episode of For Truth, Justice, and the American Way. This time there’s a little bit of action for ya… kinda…

    4/13/05 – Chainsaw Comics is three years and one week old and to celebrate, Jamie provides us with his tenth installment of the ever powerful r-e.

    4/05/05 – Chainsaw Comics is three years old this week! This year has seen the birth of several new comics, as well as welcoming a couple new artists into the Chainsaw Comics family including Jamie Dee Galey, Ashley Friend, and Chainsaw Comics’ prodigal son David Henzie. This year also saw the switch from a biweekly to weekly schedule, and many amazing guest artists such as Dalton Sharp, Mike Stevens, Blake 4000, and Brendan Collins. What’s in the year to come? Who knows! I’m not going to say a new site design or “Perchance to Dream” like I’ve said the last two years… but it’s possible? I’ve decided I’m too lazy for one huge redesign, so I’m redoing parts of the site at a time. So far I’ve given Chainsaw Guy and Strip Fight their own sections of the archive, and will continue to make new sections whenever a series gets over 10 episodes. Also, I’ve redesigned the Image of the Month Archives so the images are in rows of 2 (to take up half as much space). As part of the birthday celebration, we’ve made AIM icons for all the comics on Chainsaw (and a few others by Chainsaw creators) and have added those to the image archive as well. Next will be a huge overhaul of the links section. PS- New Chainsaw Guy and new Image of the Month by Jamie.

    3/29/05 – It’s guest week time again! This month’s guest comic comes from a Mr. Brendan Collins, and is rated TV PG for suggestive dialogue.

    3/22/05 – New Gold Rushers featuring Philip Armour, maker of hot dogs. Armour hot dogs. The dogs kids love to bite!

    3/15/05 – New episode of For Truth, Justice and the American Way, about For Truth, Justice and the American Way. Also, it was recently announced that will be having a comic in the up coming You Ain’t No Dancer anthology along with such big names as Jeffrey Brown and Jim Mahfood. Congratulations Jamie!

    3/9/05 – Because Nathan wasn’t busy with anything else Aaron asked him to post the new comic by Well, he forgot about it, so the one week Jamie got his stuff in on time, Nathan posted it late.

    3/1/05 – Part 2 of the action thriller Nothing Ever Happens. Also, be sure to check out the Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge. 56 cartoonists are competing to see who can keep up a daily comic the longest, including our very own and past Chainsaw Comics contributors Mike Stevens and Dalton Sharp. Last but not least, new image of the month by Aaron Brassea.

    2/22/05 – The long awaited second episode of Gold Rushers. And there was much rejoicing.

    2/15/05 – New episode of For Truth, Justice, and the American Way! Yeah! Also, check out for’s new daily comic “Pillow Talk.” Don’t worry, it’s not what you think… unless you think it’s the misadventures of an anthropomorphic pillow… then it’s exactly what you think!

    2/8/05 – returns triumphantly with a new episode of r-e. Also, go to his site and order his new minis Fishing and Look Into the Stars if you haven’t already.

    2/1/05 – This week begins a brand new mini-series by Aaron Brassea entitled Nothing Ever Happens. Also, new image of the month by Chris Fenoglio.

    1/25/05 – Inspired by Shel Silverstein, Nathan creates The Dot.

    1/18/05 – New episode of For Truth, Justice and the American Way, actually featuring the army of Nazi vampire frogs joked about last month! Kinda…

    1/11/05 – When joined Chainsaw Comics, he supplied a couple extra comics just in case anything ever happened to him. Well, something happened to him, so here they are! RIP… until next month.

    1/4/05 – New Chainsaw Guy. Other announcement encoded within. New image of the month by Chris Fenoglio.

    12/21/04 – Episode 2 of “For Truth, Justice and the American Way”, in which Dave battles an army of Nazi vampire frogs… wait no… it’s more about the wedding.

    12/14/04 – New episode of these.are.comics, continuing r-e’s quest for an animal.

    12/7/04 – Chainsaw Guy Episode 40? Why? How? Ridiculous… In other news, this month marks the end of Aaron’s “Sound Rebel” series for the images of the month. Also, this is the third year in a row we’ve had a Ramones picture for December. Hooray!

    11/30/04 – Guest comic week! This week’s guest comic comes from Blake 4000, who treats us to a preview of his upcoming mini comic Melon Man. Keep checking’s message board for announcements on the release.

    11/23/04 – Can it be? A new series two weeks in a row? It can and it is! New series by Nathan Stryker: Gold Rushers.

    11/16/04 – The debut of our new series: For Truth, Justice and the American Way by David Henzie. Hooray!

    11/9/04 – New comic from, despite the fact that his scanner isn’t working. Talk about dedication!

    11/2/04 – New Chainsaw Guy. If you expect it to be about the election just because today happens to be November 2nd you’re sadly mistaken. Or are you…

    10/26/04 – The long awaited Becky in Monkey Land! Hooray!

    10/19/04 – New (and possibly final) episode of Chainsaw Gal. After a 2 and a half year wait, David Otis Henzie will start doing a monthly comic for us. Here’s one possibility for a series.

    10/13/04 – Another excellent installment of r-e. Also, check out Nathan’s 2 panel Fowl Life comic over at Strip Fight. It’s also kinda a preview of Becky in Monkeyland! Kinda…

    10/5/04 – New Chainsaw Guy, guest starring Buff Idiot (it’s nice to see he’s still getting work…). Also, congratulations to Aaron Brassea, Nathan Stryker, and Chris Fenoglio for winning Strip Fight last week! Also also, happy 25th birthday Rachael Legih Cook yesterday!

    9/28/04 – Nathan ends his long running series Buff Idiot and Smarty Nerd after 300 comics and over 2 years! To celebrate/ mourn, you can read the whole series as this week’s feature comic.

    9/21/04 – New Green Day album! New Green Day Album! Oh, and new Chainsaw Gal…

    9/14/04 – New installment in’s r-e storyline. Nathan says “this is the funniest contribution to chainsaw comics ever… even funnier than wretched zoo!”

    9/7/04 – New Chainsaw Guy and image of the month… now on to shameless plugs… Everyone needs to: 1) go see Garden State, 2) buy Elias’s new album Scraps of Paper 3) I forget what 3 was gonna be… 4) check out Aaron’s subtle take on the theme of “the changing of the seasons” at Strip Fight.

    8/31/04 – Our second “week 5” since we went to the weekly schedule. New guest comic by Mike Stevens!

    8/24/04 – Becky in Monkeyland ran into some problems, so instead Nathan presents a new photo comic starring all your favorite Chainsaw Comics artists. Well, not all your favorites… but the regulars…

    8/18/04 – Nathan fails by posting this Chainsaw Gal comic a full day late. Blame him, not Ashley…

    8/10/04 – The comic “grab bag” from continues with yet another r-e comic.

    8/3/04 – New one shot by Aaron and Chris. Also, congratulations to Aaron and Tom McHenry for winning Strip Fight last week! You can see their winning entry here.

    7/28/04 – New Incoherent Babblings! Next month, the babblings will take a hiatas as nathan brings us the first episode of his super secret project: Becky in Monkeyland.

    7/20/04 – New Chainsaw Gal is up, so everyone can stop asking when they get to see a new Chainsaw Gal comic. The next one will be a month from now, so you won’t have to ask again.

    7/13/04 – New r-e…

    7/6/04 – New Chainsaw Guy continuing the No Need For Story Time story from last month.

    6/29/04 – Our first Week 5 special since we’ve been on a true weekly schedule. You may remember me raving about this comic from Strip Fight back in May. I was very fortunate to get Dalton to expand the story a little bit and present it with full page panels. Enjoy!

    6/22/04 – OK, two comics posted this week to make up for missing on the 8th. Well… seven comics if you count Incoherent Babblings as six… but for our purposes today we’ll count them all as one so only two comics are posted today. Yes. Anywho, new Chainsaw Gal and Incoherent Babblings. Next week will be our first week 5 surprise, hope ya’ll love it.

    6/15/04 – I was gone last week and it looks like I forgot to update the site while I was gone. So this week there’s a new comic by, part 1 of a new r-e story, and the rest of this month’s comics will be posted this month still, just a little off schedule. We’ll probably end up posting 2 comics for the normal update either next week or the week after, depending on other factors. Also, Aaron’s Strip Fight comic was lost in email, but was resent and got posted today. A big thanks to Ed for being so understanding with that.

    6/1/04 – New Chainsaw Guy! New Image of the month! New Strip Fight! New new new!!!

    5/25/04 – New series by nathan stryker! New schedule in the News section! Also, go check out Dalton Sharp’s gorgeous new comic on Strip Fight. I honestly thing it’s the best thing that’s been submitted to date.

    5/18 – New Chainsaw Guy, possibly the most anticlimactic to date! And for anyone who enjoys Aaron’s comics, go vote for him on Strip Fight. He really needs to win this week!

    5/11/04 – New Chainsaw Gal! Coming soon: new monthly schedule!

    5/4/04 – In a continuing effort to bring more new talent to Chainsaw Comics… new series by!

    4/27/04 – The fabulous second episode of Chainsaw Gal! Everyone read it and wish you were Chainsaw Guy so you could be her boyfriend!

    4/20/04 – [insert 4/20 joke here] OK, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, new Chainsaw Guy! Also, new BISNs at their new home here.

    4/13/04 – We’ve done it! We finally have a weekly schedule and more than one regularly updated ongoing comic! Check out the first episode of Chainsaw Gal. She hasn’t won any awards like Chainsaw Guy, but she’s still funny!

    4/6/04 – Wow, Chainsaw Comics is 2 years old today! Looks like we accomplished about half of our goals for last year (just barely got tkc comics 2.0 started in time), and the new site design and Perchance to Dream are both slowly crawling forward, so maybe this year! We’ve come a long way from the beginning on keenspace. We have our own domain name, a ton of web space, and are getting more and more unique visits every month, with almost 1,000 visitors in March and have had visitors from 16 different countries. Anywho, to celebrate the second year, we’re finally going to a weekly schedule like we had planned from the beginning! Next week will be the first episode of the new comic Chainsaw Gal by the lovely and talented Ashley Friend. Check out the image of the month for a preview of what Chainsaw Gal looks like. Also, Aaron has started competing in Strip Fight, so go vote for him every week, and all previous Strip Fight comics will be put up in our archive section.

    3/16/04 – The long awaited birth of tkc comics 2.0. I wanted to post aerophobia but didn’t have time to finish it yet, so you’ll have to wait until next month. Nathan wanted me to warn everyone that most tkc 2.0 comics won’t be so lighthearted as this one.

    3/02/04 – Chris month is finally over! I dunno about you, but I was starting to get pretty sick of that guy. Aaron’s reign is back, and he’ll be harsher than ever.

    2/17/04 – Chris month continues! The long awaited comic by Chris Fenoglio is finally posted, plus a special preview of Abraham Lincoln Vs the Zombies (with a pin up by you know who).

    2/03/04 – It’s Chris month! The image of the month for February is by Chris Fenoglio, and the second comic for this month is also drawn by Chris. So as not to distract from Chris month, the new Chainsaw Guy sucks.

    1/20/04 – At the last minute I decided not to use my original idea for the new Chainsaw Guy comic, so I had to come up with something else. No idea where this came from…

    1/06/04 – New year, same old Chainsaw Guy. Well… it’s a new episode, but he’s still the same same guy we all know and love so dearly.

    12/20/03 – Between spending time with my girl, going to the midnight showing of Return of the King, and being sick, this comic is several days late. I felt a little guilty at first, but then I thought “if my fans wanted comics on time, they’d pay me!” Enjoy the comic ya freeloaders.

    12/2/03 – New Chainsaw Guy and the second December Image of the Month in a row to be about the Ramones.

    11/18/03 – New episode of Chainsaw Guy, in which Chainsaw Guy may or may not get a new sidekick. As an added bonus, here’s a picture of Aaron’s Chainsaw Guy Halloween costume!

    11/4/03 – Another new Chainsaw Guy, plus Aaron did two guest strips for BISN tonight. Three comics in one night is a lot more than his normal two in a month. Also, everyone go see Five Iron Frenzy on their farewell tour if you get the chance. I pity the foo who misses FIF!

    10/21/03 – New Chainsaw Guy, and will be on a new server soon! No more ads! Woo! New site design coming “some day.” Maybe…

    10/7/03 – The bad news is Arnold is going to be governor and we all need to leave California like rats off a sinking ship… the good news is the origin of Chainsaw Guy has finally been revealed!

    9/16/03 – New Episode of Chainsaw Guy, based on a combination of the White Stripes concert I went to on Saturday night, and a conversation I had with Nathan yesterday about Chainsaw Guy getting in a fight.

    9/2/03 – The historic 20th episode of Chainsaw Guy! What? That’s what I said for the 10th episode? Well they both are! Anywho… this episode wasn’t officially co-written by Ashley Friend so she didn’t get credited in the comic, but she helped with the idea, so it’s only fair to point that out here. Enjoy the comic ya ingrates!

    8/19/03 – After years (months) of waiting, Fowl Life #1 is done! This is Nathan’s most serious and introspective work to date, I pity the fool who doesn’t read it..

    8/12/03 – New schedule! Jason will now be doing new comics the second and fourth weeks each month! New Wretched Zoo to shock and amaze you.

    8/5/03 – New Chainsaw Guy co-written by Ashley Friend! Woo! Plus, The 2003 San Diego Comic Con Chainsaw Guy Experiment is now online! Check it out, ya’ll!

    7/22/03 – Back from Comic Con, and Jason has been inspired to start working on Wretched Zoo more regularly. Hooray! I got a ton of sketches at Comic Con, and they should be on the site pretty soon (depending on when I get a chance to hook my scanner up to my sister’s computer or fix mine).

    7/8/03 – My computer is up and running again… mostly. Enough to do an episode of Chainsaw Guy anyway. Enjoy!

    6/17/03 – My computer is dead… you’ll have to wait for a new comic…

    6/3/03 – New Chainsaw Guy, in which Chainsaw Guy reacts to Dracula’s rude and thoughtless comment in Lil Monsters #4.

    5/20/03 – New Lil Monsters. Could be the start of a Lil Monsters/ Chainsaw Guy rivalry… but then again… maybe not. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    5/6/03 – New TKC Comic, most likely the last one until the beginning of TKC Comics 2.0

    4/22/03 – New Chainsaw Guy… sorry…

    4/9/03- New Lil Monsters.
    Also… Sunday was Chainsaw Comics’ one year anniversary! It’s been a great first year, even if things didn’t go exactly as planned. We’ve had 24 comics from 8 different series and 4 different artists. Plans for the coming year:

    * New site design
    * More guest comics, including upcoming comics by Amy Shepard, Pannel Vaughn, and many more.
    * After many delays, Aaron has decided to continue his long awaited comic “Perchance to Dream” painted. While this will take a long time to complete, it should be done some time this year.
    * The birth of TKC Comics 2.0, a series of short horror comics by Nathan and Aaron.
    * Aaron and Jason will be attending Comic-Con in San Diego, and may possibly recruit some new artists to do guest strips.
    * More surprises! Yay!

    3/18/03 – New Chainsaw Guy, featuring the worst ever “How to” instructions.

    3/4/03 – Lil Monsters is back with Episode 2. The series has been getting great reviews so far. Laura Beal describes it as “perfect,” while Shera Steere calls it “gross.”

    2/17/03 – The premier episode of Lil Monsters, a brand new series from Aaron Brassea.

    2/4/03 – Had a great time at APE. Got some cool original art which I’ll post here, and some great indie comics. New Chainsaw Guy.

    1/21/03 – New Chainsaw Guy, guest starring Buff Idiot and Smarty Nerd… sorta.

    1/6/03 – After a nice refreshing vacation, back with a new comic by Jason.

    12/02/02 – Brand spanking new TKC Comic.

    11/18/02 – Yet another new Chainsaw Guy.

    11/5/02 – “New” Chainsaw Guy.

    10/21/02 – The historic 10th epiosde of Chainsaw Guy! Chainsaw Guy trivia: each picture of Chainsaw Guy is made up of 53 lines.

    10/7/02 – Aaron did a guest week of Buff Idiot and Smarty Nerd, so Nathan did a guest Chainsaw Guy.

    9/17/02 – Introducing a new series by Aaron (Chainsaw Guy) and Nathan (Buff Idiot and Smarty Nerd).

    9/2/02 – Proudly presenting what could well be the craziest Chainsaw Guy ever.

    8/19/02 – Yet another new Chainsaw Guy!

    8/6/02 – New Chainsaw Guy! Happy fun excitement dancing!!!

    7/15/02 – The long awaited conclussion of No Need For Clowns.

    6/3/02 – As some of you may have noticed, Chainsaw Comics has not been meeting the schedule we had set for ourselves. For the time being, updates will be on the first and third weeks of each month.

    5/14/02 – The good news is Jason got a new apartment. The bad news is that as a result he was unable to do a new comic. New comic by Aaron.

    5/9/02 – Due to problems beyond our control, there was no new comic last week and this week’s comic is several days late. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that next week’s comic will be closer to on time.

    4/21/02 – Dave was unable to finish his first comic in time, so this week you will be treated with a new episode of Chainsaw Guy.

    4/6/02 – You have witnessed the glorious birth of Chainsaw Comics!