Aaron Brassea

Aaron Brassea is the creator of several comic series, most notably AP US History, My Life in Scribbles, and Chainsaw Guy and serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Chainsaw Comics, which he co-founded in 2002. He graduated from Azusa Pacific University in 2001 with a BA in Art and his work can be seen in many anthologies, including Not My Small Diary, Stumptown Underground, and BAM 2. Aaron lives with his wife and daughters in Portland, OR, where he records music solo as The Nemesis and with his band tow knee chavez.

Election Follies

By Various

Box Brown created this open source comic to allow anyone to explore the elections and politics in general.

Latest Comic: Election Follies #10 (by Aaron Brassea)

The Shelter

By Aaron Brassea

A safe haven for comics that don't fit in anywhere else.

Latest Comic: The Shelter #28: Christmas Surprise

Mother of Invention

by Aaron Brassea

Amelia Rose is one of the smartest people on earth, but when her grant money starts to run out desperate times lead to desperate measures.

Latest Comic: Mother of Invention 3 & 4

TKC Comics 3.0

By Aaron Brassea and Nathan Stryker

tow knee chavez continue the evolution of their collaborative comics.

Latest Comic: TKC Comics 3.0 #1 – The Dread Pirate Westley

Chainsaw Comics Presents: Crazy

By Various

Comics from our third print anthology, available now!

Latest Comic: The Oregonian: Sunday, November 3, 2013 by Aaron Brassea

Marc and Anna

By Aaron Brassea

Marc and Anna are a normal couple, living a normal life in a slight less than normal world.

Latest Comic: Marc and Anna in The Quest to the Library 23-24

Chainsaw Comics Presents: Joy

By Various

Comics from our second print anthology, available now!

Latest Comic: Dylan and Riff by Aaron Brassea

Bedtime Songs

By Aaron Brassea

Sometimes when Aaron is putting his daughter to bed, he can't remember all the words to the songs he sings to her, so he has to make them up. Sometimes they get... interesting.

Latest Comic: Bedtime Songs #2: Old McDonald

Chainsaw Guy

By Aaron Brassea

Chainsaw Guy is a postmodern humor strip using minimalist art. Chainsaw Guy is a shy, well meaning individual who just happens to have a hockey mask in place of his face and a chainsaw in place of his hands.

Latest Comic: Chainsaw Guy #115: No Need For an Election Special

The Best of My Life in Scribbles

By Aaron Brassea

If you haven't been reading Aaron's journal comic My Life in Scribbles, now's your chance. Here's a selection of the comics, one from each month of the year.

Latest Comic: The Best of My Life in Scribbles: 2011

Chainsaw Comics Presents: Fear

By Various

Comics from our first print anthology, available now!

Latest Comic: Things That Go Bump in the Night by Aaron Brassea


By Aaron Brassea

Are the characters in ?!? puppets or aliens? Are those masks or their faces? Does anybody care what they have to say? All these questions and more will forever be ignored.

Latest Comic: ?!? #3

Eyeball Kid

By Aaron Brassea How does he dream? How does he think? When he can't even speak and he can't even blink. We are all lost in the wilderness. We're as blind as can be. He came down to teach us how to really see. Created with Strip Generator

Latest Comic: Eyeball Kid #6

Rock 'N' Roll Dreams

By Aaron Brassea All his life, Dylan has dreamt about being a rock star. Will his dreams ever become a reality, or will they fade like an old t-shirt? This series has been rebooted at "The Ballad of YFB" and can be read at comics.towkneechavez.com

Latest Comic: Rock N Roll Dreams #2

Nothing Ever Happens

By Aaron Brassea

A three part autobiographical mini series.

Latest Comic: Nothing Ever Happens #3

Lil Monsters

By Aaron Brassea

In the fine tradition of Lenore and Little Gloomy, Lil Monsters combines cutesy art with horror and twisted humor. Picture Peanuts, as written by Vincent Price.

Latest Comic: Lil Monsters #6

A Comic by Chris Fenoglio

Pictures By Chris Fenoglio
Words by Aaron Brassea

Originally a comic about why people shouldn't hide the fact that they read comics and should share them with their friends, this comic has been re-lettered to tell a completely different story.

Latest Comic: A Comic by Chris Fenoglio

TKC Comics 2.0

By Aaron Brassea and Nathan Stryker

tow knee chavez expand their comics to multipage formats. this brand of horror is not based upon things that that go bump in the night, but rather, is seeded in the manifestation of their own fears. as a result the horrors described may not be horrible to some, but could be quite terrifying to others.

Latest Comic: TKC Comics 2.0 #1 – atychiphobia

TKC Comics

Script by Nathan Stryker
"Art" by Aaron Brassea

tow knee chavez have been doing music for years and working on comics independently. Finally the two have teamed up in the realm of comics to create something for everyone to hate.

Latest Comic: TKC Comics #4 – El Pie Del Diablo

Ronald Raygun

By Aaron Brassea

He came from the past, to destroy the future.

Latest Comic: Ronald Raygun #2

For Truth Justice and the American Way

By David Henzie A comic adaptation of the life adventures and struggles of Sherman Tank and Siu Bahk Wahn, otherwise known as David and Wendzi.

Latest Comic: For Truth, Justice, and the American Way #9 (guest artist: Aaron Brassea)

A Simpler Time

Pictures By Chris Fenoglio
Words by Aaron Brassea

Chris and Aaron's submission for the 2004 SPX anthology. The theme was "war."

Latest Comic: A Simpler Time

Strip Fight

By Aaron Brassea

Between 2004 and 2009 Aaron participated in Strip Fight, a weekly comics competition. He competed in every round except for the first. Here are all the comics he made for Strip Fight, including many comics with guest artists or writers, preserved for posterity.

Latest Comic: Round 199: Flashback (Art by Ashley Brassea)