No Responses to “Rock N Roll Dreams #1”

  1. Bren Says:

    Hoo! I’m actually reading a lot into this…

    Dylan, dreaming as he is about being the “front man” in a rock group, sees himself on stage – from the best seat in the house! this means that he’s likely dreaming of seeing himself on a huge screen, or even on television. So he’s no small-time dreamer here.

    However, the 6:00 alarm wakes him from his rest. Judging from the fact that:

    a) He’s still wearing his hat, as if he were performing, and
    b) The alarm was set for 6 in the first place,

    …we can probably assume that it’s 6 a.m., and that poor Dylan was either playing a small-time bar the night before (and he slept in the clothes he’d been wearing onstage), or perhaps living his little fantasy all alone, in his room, maybe rocking out to air guitar whilst spinning a Van Halen disc, when he fell asleep and had a loved one (his girlfriend, wife… or even his mother) tuck him into bed.

    And yes, the 6 a.m. alarm (along with the sign) indicates that he’s still stuck with a regulatory “day job.” No escape for our man outside the realm of dreamworld.

    True to form, Chainsaw Comics begins with a really sad little tale of fantasy in the blemished face reality – proof once again that, with Chainsaw Comics, the quality storyline really does take the helm, and not a pencil stroke is wasted!

    Nice work!