Jason Gourley

  • Favorite comic books: Ultimate Spiderman, Red Star, Akira, Dark Minds, Ghost in the Shell, Cages, Bone
  • Writing Influences: Edgar Allen Poe, Sam Kieth, Neil Gaiman, Lewis Carroll, C.S. Lewis
  • Art Influences: Sam Kieth, Todd McFarlane, Dave McKean, Michael Turner
  • Location: Los Angeles
  • If he could be any comic book character: Spiderman! Cause he get’s all the ladies….

“I was introduced to comics when I was very young, before I can remember. I’ve always been in awe of Spiderman; he’s defiantly the one who’s kept me constantly coming back to comics. During high school I strayed away from comic books as I began to pursue becoming an animator. I spent these years with such trusted animated friends as Maxx, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and The Iron Giant. But after a visit to Dreamworks animation department during my sophomore year in college I realized that becoming an animator was most likely not the career path for me. I still watch plenty of cartoons, but I don’t think I can handle the demands of working on them (at least not feature length). Around this time I was roommates with Aaron and he reintroduced me to the tremendous joy that comic books can bring. Since then I’ve worked as a graphic designer and finished my work on a bachelor’s degree. With the new found time I have on my hands I hope to pursue my dreams of entering the comic industry.”

The Foundry

by Jason Gourley

A collection of short stories.

Latest Comic: Una Noche

Wretched Zoo

By Jason Gourley

Wretched Zoo is a dramatic comic that follows the life of a timid man, whom is rapidly losing site of reality, slipping into an altered state of consciousness.

Latest Comic: Wretched Zoo #2