David Henzie

  • Favorite comic books: Superman titles, X-Men titles, Batman titles
  • Writing Influences: J.R.R. Tolkien, Anne McCaffrey
  • Art Influences: Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Erik Larsen, Alex Ross
  • Location: Hong Kong
  • If he could be any comic book character: Superman, of course!

“Comic books were introduced to me by a long-lost brother, named Terry Howerton. Ever since then, i have tried creating my own characters, and have wished to become a comic book illustrator. Fresh out of high school i tried my best at getting a job through Extreme Studios until i figured I wasn’t good enough. I tried getting jobs in animation through Dic and some other smaller companies including Disney, until I figured i wasn’t good enough at that either. I started my own graphic design business doing logos and illustrations for companies, and mural paintings for schools. I found myself getting a job at a motion picture special effects studio, Amalgamated Dynamics Inc., and worked on movies such as: Alien Resurrection, X-Files: The Movie and My Favorite Martian. I did small art illustrations for them to hand to set. Finally, the owners let me work on some design work on an Arnold Schwarzenegger film called: I am Legend. However, the movie got put on the shelf, and a lot of people were without work because of the film industry’s instability. Since then, i have discovered a love of working with children, and have found a job in Hong Kong as a preschool art teacher. During my vacations (i have a lot) and after hours, i plan on getting back to my desire to become a comic book illustrator.”

For Truth Justice and the American Way

By David Henzie A comic adaptation of the life adventures and struggles of Sherman Tank and Siu Bahk Wahn, otherwise known as David and Wendzi.

Latest Comic: For Truth, Justice, and the American Way #16

Chainsaw Guy

By Aaron Brassea

Chainsaw Guy is a postmodern humor strip using minimalist art. Chainsaw Guy is a shy, well meaning individual who just happens to have a hockey mask in place of his face and a chainsaw in place of his hands.

Latest Comic: Chainsaw Guy #49: To the Death (guest artist: David Henzie)