Brenna Collins

Comics From the Blue Planet

By Bren Collins

An assortment of tales and observations which vaguely delve into the human condition - the joys, fears, celebrations, failures, flirtations and seductions that comprise a suburban society - in graphic form!

Latest Comic: Comics from the Blue Planet #25

Chainsaw Comics Presents: Joy

By Various

Comics from our second print anthology, available now!

Latest Comic: How Can I Keep from Singing by Bren Collins

The Humility of Pain

By Bren Collins

A critical year in the life of a man who finds himself trapped in a cycle of loneliness and despair, only to find a way out... or so he thinks.

Latest Comic: The Humility of Pain 51-54


By Bren Collins

A comic Bren started a few years back about a man named Pudgett and his pet anteater. Now in full color

Latest Comic: Pudgett Pages 26-31

Chainsaw Guy

By Aaron Brassea

Chainsaw Guy is a postmodern humor strip using minimalist art. Chainsaw Guy is a shy, well meaning individual who just happens to have a hockey mask in place of his face and a chainsaw in place of his hands.

Latest Comic: Chainsaw Guy #109: Forgetsy (guest artist: Bren Collins)

Mr. Jones & Betsy

By Bren Colins

A precocious kitty cat. An inimitable old frog. Add a dollup of surrealist humour, and what have you got? it''s Mr. Jones & Betsy!

Latest Comic: Mr. Jones & Betsy #8

Nevaeh ot Yawriats

By Bren Collins

When routine bites hard, and ambitions are low, things suck rather severely. But at least there's still comics!

Latest Comic: Nevaeh ot Yawriats

Chainsaw Comics Presents: Fear

By Various

Comics from our first print anthology, available now!

Latest Comic: Comics From the Blue Planet #4


By Bren Collins

A sample of Bren's comic work about his job at a certain big bookseller chain, which we will leave unnamed for legal reasons (but it's name is in the title). While this comic is a work of fiction, it is disturbingly close to the truth.

Latest Comic: Borderline