Box Brown

Box Brown lives and works in Philadelphia. He’s currently coming to grips with a reality that seems strange to him.

Bellen! Secrets

By Box Brown

Box Brown gives behind the scenes information about his hit series Bellen!

Latest Comic: Bellen! Secrets #11

Election Follies

By Various

Box Brown created this open source comic to allow anyone to explore the elections and politics in general.

Latest Comic: Election Follies #5 (by Box Brown)

Chainsaw Guy

By Aaron Brassea

Chainsaw Guy is a postmodern humor strip using minimalist art. Chainsaw Guy is a shy, well meaning individual who just happens to have a hockey mask in place of his face and a chainsaw in place of his hands.

Latest Comic: Chainsaw Guy #72 (guest artist: Box Brown)

Little Suicides

By Box Brown

The name pretty much says it all.

Latest Comic: Little Suicides #1

Monolith and Mighty Matt

By Box Brown

Monolith and Mighty Matt is the story if a giant cold stone living statue (Monolith) and an overzealous young bird that comes to visit none day (Mighty Matt). When calamity overtakes the pair, we find out a little something about the strength of friendship.

Latest Comic: Monolith and Mighty Matt #13 and 14


By Box Brown

Sometimes you only dress up for one person on Halloween. Sometimes it's a joke that only you and one other person are in on. That's when Halloween is the most fun.

Latest Comic: Nostalgia