Nathan Stryker

Nathan Alan Stryker was born to a farmer and a beach bum on a stormy February in the armpit of California. Though his house was made of drafting pens, he would often find himself rejecting the t-square and creating crude, duckish forms. Never learning to recognize which ideas should not be carried to fruition, peer pressure drove him to begin drawing comics, some of which (Buff Idiot and Smarty Nerd, Fowl Life) make him feel pride. He currently lives in Ventura where he and his lifemate have twice successfully passed on their genetic code.

Election Follies

By Various

Box Brown created this open source comic to allow anyone to explore the elections and politics in general.

Latest Comic: Election Follies #9 (by nathan stryker)

Fowl Life

By Nathan Stryker

Fowl Life is an anthropomorphic, autobiographical series detailing the connection between the spiritual and relational journeys.

Latest Comic: fowl life: no need for nathan


By Nathan Stryker

The thoughts of Nathan Stryker, abstracted from his mind.

Latest Comic: A #38

TKC Comics 3.0

By Aaron Brassea and Nathan Stryker

tow knee chavez continue the evolution of their collaborative comics.

Latest Comic: TKC Comics 3.0 #1 – The Dread Pirate Westley


By Nathan Stryker

Alexis is the girl that doesn't have anything. With the help of her friends, she might get everything she needs.

Latest Comic: Alexis Receiving (pages 1 & 2)

Chainsaw Comics Presents: Crazy

By Various

Comics from our third print anthology, available now!

Latest Comic: Alexis is Gonna Quit by Nathan Stryker

A Phantom Menace

By Nathan Stryker

A dramatic retelling of the situations that led to the discovery of the boy that would become the galaxy's most feared sith lord. Characters, etc created and owned by LucasFilm.

Latest Comic: Chapter Nine: This One is a Decoy!

Chainsaw Comics Presents: Joy

By Various

Comics from our second print anthology, available now!

Latest Comic: Appendix A: A Companion Piece by Nathan Stryker

The Queen, the Prince, and the Punk

By Nathan Stryker

A spin-off of Nathan's famous Buff Idiot and Smarty Nerd comic, this story investigates Buff Idiot's unlikely home life...

Latest Comic: The Queen, the Prince, and the Punk #10 (guest writers joey & quinn)

The Shelter

By Aaron Brassea

A safe haven for comics that don't fit in anywhere else.

Latest Comic: the man who fell into an elevator shaft and became a hero. (guest comic by nathan stryker)

Chainsaw Comics Presents: Fear

By Various

Comics from our first print anthology, available now!

Latest Comic: High School’s a Drag by Nathan Stryker

Chainsaw Guy

By Aaron Brassea

Chainsaw Guy is a postmodern humor strip using minimalist art. Chainsaw Guy is a shy, well meaning individual who just happens to have a hockey mask in place of his face and a chainsaw in place of his hands.

Latest Comic: Chainsaw Guy #110: No Need for American Heroes (guest artist: nathan stryker)

relentless joy

by nathan stryker

a chronological journey through the greatest day ever. an unfettered look into all that the joyful spirit has to offer life, and what life gives in return.

Latest Comic: relentless joy: 6:30am

Gold Rushers

By Nathan Stryker Tales from Californian history of men and women who longed for riches. Some found them, some didn't, but all of them left their mark.

Latest Comic: Gold Rushers: Ah Toy

Incoherent Babblings

by Nathan Stryker

Based on real life, these three panel adventures tell the story of Andrea and Cynthia, two girls who just want to hang out and talk. Will the mysterious Dan ruin innocent fun forever? Will the even more mysterious Rigoberto ruin Dan forever? Find out in this new series!

Latest Comic: Incoherant Babblings Volume 3

The Dot

By Nathan Stryker

The Dot is simple, yet profound. Kinda like life, except in dot form.

Latest Comic: The Dot

Chainsaw Comics

By Nathan Stryker

Part one is photo comic commemorating the historic first meeting of the Chainsaw Comics team. Photos by Kate Joan Damian Reilly. Part 2 is comics about comics, just to bring the bastards down...

Latest Comic: Chainsaw Comics #2


By Jamie Dee Galey

A continuation of Jamie's mini comic about love. This time r-e is on a mission to find a cute animal.

Latest Comic: r-e: pt 11 (guest artist: Nathan Stryker)

TKC Comics 2.0

By Aaron Brassea and Nathan Stryker

tow knee chavez expand their comics to multipage formats. this brand of horror is not based upon things that that go bump in the night, but rather, is seeded in the manifestation of their own fears. as a result the horrors described may not be horrible to some, but could be quite terrifying to others.

Latest Comic: TKC Comics 2.0 #1 – atychiphobia


By Nathan Stryker

Another experiment with vector based art yielded Abigail, a character so strong, she began to write her own life story. These are that story.

Latest Comic: abigail #4

TKC Comics

Script by Nathan Stryker
"Art" by Aaron Brassea

tow knee chavez have been doing music for years and working on comics independently. Finally the two have teamed up in the realm of comics to create something for everyone to hate.

Latest Comic: TKC Comics #4 – El Pie Del Diablo

Strip Fight

By Aaron Brassea

Between 2004 and 2009 Aaron participated in Strip Fight, a weekly comics competition. He competed in every round except for the first. Here are all the comics he made for Strip Fight, including many comics with guest artists or writers, preserved for posterity.

Latest Comic: Round 102: Bad Timing (art by Nathan Stryker)

Becky In Monkeyland

By Nathan Stryker

Way shorter that Darwin's Origin of Species, this comic answers life's most profound questions.

Latest Comic: Becky in Monkeyland

Buff Idiot and Smarty Nerd

By Nathan Stryker

This is a minimalist/nihilist comic about a team of stereotypical characters, Buff Idiot and Smarty Nerd. They deal with life as it happens. Sometimes they take orders from the Mayor. Occasionally they kill Bad Guy. Oh, and I won't forget the important secondary characters: Hot Chick, HC, and the mysterious Aardvark.

Latest Comic: Buff Idiot and Smarty Nerd